I am Oluwadamilola Elizabeth Oke (Dunnisings) from Osun state and also a graduate of the University of Ilorin where I studied Agriculture.

I am a lover of God and a talented gospel singer who started as a choir member in RCCG when I was at the University.

Although, I have always loved to impact peoples lives and also be a blessing in people’s lives in so many ways. I never knew music is a means God wants me to do that not until early this year (2021) when I participated in a talent hunt competition (Mhagic Velocity) the maiden edition and the passion for music grew so much then I realized God is really interested in using me through that means to bless souls and minister to them.

Though I wasn’t the winner of the competition but I was among the Top 10. Much more than being a winner of the competition but God made me a winner by discovering my gift and everyone who listened to my songs during the competition was blessed greatly to the glory of God.

It was during the competition the inspiration came and I was able to compose the songs: HELP ME LORD and PROMISES.

So I believe God has started the journey with me already. Watch out for Dunnisings and I know you always be blessed by my songs with the help of God 😊. Thank you so muchπŸ™

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