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Akanmu Oluwadimimu Joshua who is popularly known as RexRain, The Drummachine, The Captain and Baba Banner is a Nigerian singer, Rapper, songwriter, producer, sound engineer, video director, influencer, model and photographer who was born on the 7th of July 19**.

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Born into the family of Akanmu‘s a home of five children, in Ibadan, Oyo State in Western Nigeria. He grew up in Iwo-Road, Academy suburbs of Ibadan.

Right from his young age he has dreamed of being a musician, this led him to his uncle Taiwo aka TTlyte who thought him how to enter beats and put him through some other things concerning music. RexRain began singing at the age of 12.

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His parents does not want to allow him become a musician and as time goes they had no option other than to leave him live his dream.

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In 2010, Dimimu recorded his first demo titled Beautiful (a cover of Akon‘s Beautiful), but it was not until 2011 that he released his first official solo song Hurt My Feelings featuring TTlyte.
In 2014, he released the single Damiloriru. With the song gaining popularity, Martus Media got in touch with him to shoot an official video for the song and that was done which was his 2nd music video after Hurt My Feelings video.

However, he later ventured into music production in which he has produced a lot of music. He also ventured into cinematography and photography in the year 2018.

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  • Beautiful (a cover of Akon‘s Beautiful) – 2010
  • Hurt My Feelings – 2011
  • Hurt My Feelings Remix (featuring TTlyte) – 2011
  • Poro Girls – 2012
  • Wo Ibe (featuring Awizzy) – 2013
  • Odun Ire – 2013
  • Farabale – 2014
  • Celebration -2014
  • Je N Mo Eyan Mi (featuring Dot6ix) – 2014
  • Iya Mi Ko le Be (featuring Dot6ix) – 2014
  • Lea – 2014
  • Damiloriru – 2015
  • Angeli (featuring VirginSound) – 2020

Among others which we can’t add here as a result of little resources we have at the time of compiling this information.

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  • Dr. White – Orimiri (2019)
  • Qodmax – Run (2019)
  • Cinthia Ice – Mr. Player (2019)
  • Qodmax – Baby (2019)
  • Realyoung – (2020)


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Yesterday which is 7th of July 2020, RexRain had his birthday celebration and some of his artist were the to celebrate the Singer/Rapper turn producer.

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