[Mixtape] DJ baddo – Best Of Olamide Mix

dj baddo best of olamide

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In the spirit of self-Isolation, The Originator of Naija Mixtapes, DJ Baddo, has dish out a new mix-tape titled β€œBest Of Olamide (The Return) Mixβ€˜.

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The talented Nigerian Disc Jockey keeps making our Naija Music Playlist the very best to reckon with when it comes to dishing out mind-blowing mixtapes.

However, he has always been a very big fan of Olamide Baddo and that’s why he keeps repping YBNL Nation.

In conclusion, on this new mix-tape, he features well-accepted songs from the YBNL head honcho, from his old songs to his recent ones.

DJ Baddo has once given us β€œBest of Olamide” sometimes back in 2014 which ended up with millions of streams, that’s why he comes through with the return mix.

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1β€’ Olamide – Wonma

2β€’ Olamide – Instagram

3β€’ Olamide – Pawon

4β€’ Olamide – Stupid Luv

5β€’ Olamide – Oil & Gas

6β€’ Olamide – Owo Shayo

7β€’ Olamide – Lanbebe

8β€’ Olamide – Story For the God

9β€’ Olamide – Ilega

10β€’ Olamide – Shakiti Bobo

11β€’ Olamide – Ah Skiibii

12β€’ Olamide – Da Yan Mo

13β€’ Olamide – Atewo

14β€’ Olamide – Don’t Stop

15β€’ Olamide – Eleda Mi

16β€’ Olamide – Wo

17β€’ Olamide – Confirm

18β€’ Olamide – Woske

19β€’ Olamide – Omo Lepa

20β€’ Olamide – Science student

21β€’ Olamide – First Of First

22β€’ Olamide – See Mary See Jesus

23β€’ Olamide – Turn Up

24β€’ Olamide – Follow Me

25β€’ Olamide – Jale

26β€’ Olamide – Telly Person

27β€’ Olamide – Ladi

28β€’ Olamide – The Real MVP

29β€’ Olamide – Scammers

30β€’ Olamide – Skelemba

31β€’ Olamide – Fada Fada

32β€’ Olamide – Shawawa

33β€’ Olamide – Panumo

34β€’ Olamide – Attendance

35β€’ Olamide – Indome

36β€’ Olamide – The Money

37β€’ Olamide – Omo Tosan

38β€’ Olamide – Gbagujemu

39β€’ Olamide – Issa Goal

40β€’ Olamide – Say Say Maley

41β€’ Olamide – Pata Ni Logo Benz

42β€’ Olamide – Oja

43β€’ Olamide – Shibinshi

44β€’ Olamide – Assignment

45β€’ Olamide – Unite

46β€’ Olamide – Billion Talk

47β€’ Olamide – Local Rappers

48β€’ Olamide – Government

49β€’ Olamide – Bad Baddo Baddest

50β€’ Olamide – Abule Sowo

51β€’ Olamide – Eni Duro

52β€’ Olamide – Demons

53β€’ Olamide – Reban Aasha

54β€’ Olamide – Ilefo Illuminati

55β€’ Olamide – Rich & Famous

56β€’ Olamide – Dope Money

57β€’ Olamide – Boys Are Not Smilling

58β€’ Olamide – Our Lord Jesus

59β€’ Olamide – Anifowose

60β€’ Olamide – Rep Adugbo

61β€’ Olamide – Bam Bam

62β€’ Olamide – 1999

63β€’ Olamide – Don’t Mess With My Doe

64β€’ Olamide – Poverty Die

65β€’ Olamide – King Shii

66β€’ Olamide – Confession Aiye

67β€’ Olamide – Journey Of A Thousand Miles

68β€’ Olamide – Awon Goons Mi

69β€’ Olamide – Koba Koba

70β€’ Olamide – For My City

71β€’ Olamide – Ghost Mode

72β€’ Olamide – Hustler

73β€’ Olamide – Werey Re O

74β€’ Olamide – Cypher

75β€’ Olamide – Young Erikina

76β€’ Olamide – Totori

77β€’ Olamide – Motigbana

78β€’ Olamide – Apa Ti Ja Bo

79β€’ Olamide – Letter To Milli

80β€’ Olamide – Ko Si Werey

81β€’ Olamide – The Game

82β€’ Olamide – Warlords

83β€’ Olamide – Ball

84β€’ Olamide – 69 Missed Calls

85β€’ Olamide – Usain Bolt

86β€’ Olamide – Abeg O

87β€’ Olamide – Bora

88β€’ Olamide – Gimme Dat

89β€’ Olamide – Esu Pofo

90β€’ Olamide – Voice Of The Street

91β€’ Olamide – Eyan MayWeather

92β€’ Olamide – Church

93β€’ Olamide – Bugle

94β€’ Olamide – Prayer For Client

95β€’ Olamide – Nothing

96β€’ Olamide – Oya Dab

97β€’ Olamide – Show Me Your Rozay

98β€’ Olamide – Kana

99β€’ Olamide – Time

100β€’ Olamide – Owoblow

101β€’ Olamide – Vision2020

102β€’ Olamide – For Example

103β€’ Olamide – Durosoke

104β€’ Olamide – Bend It Over

105β€’ Olamide – Freestyle

106β€’ Olamide – KoleWek

107β€’ Olamide – My Heart O

108β€’ Olamide – Summer Body

109β€’ Olamide – Nobody’s Falt

110β€’ Olamide – Who You Epe?

111β€’ Olamide – Kelegbe

112β€’ Olamide – Me Emu

113β€’ Olamide – Sitting On The Throne

114β€’ Olamide – Konkobility

115β€’ Olamide – Baddest

116β€’ Olamide – Pepper Dem Gang

117β€’ Olamide – Ibebe

118β€’ Olamide – Melo Melo

119β€’ Olamide – Say Something

120β€’ Olamide – Yagaga

121β€’ Olamide – Puna

122β€’ Olamide – Falila Ketan

123β€’ Olamide – Onyeoma

124β€’ Olamide – Augment

125β€’ Olamide – Shoki

126β€’ Olamide – Jagaban

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